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Distribution of Major and Rainbow Colour Changers

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Royal Shakespeare Company “King Lear” – Stratford-upon-Avon, UK © RSC/Manuel Harlan

When asked about the best scrollers, renowned lighting designers from theatres, musicals, concert touring and events will all say the same: Rainbow Colour Changers. The Rainbow brand sets a worldwide stan­dard and signifies quality and history. Rainbow Colour Changers are simple to handle and ensure the best functionality and processing, are extremely reliable, offer great longevity and an excellent price-to-performance ratio.

In daily use, the scrollers work fast, silently and precisely. With an extremely fine reso­lution in movement, especially when run­ning at very slow speeds, Rainbow Colour Changers stand out from their competi­tors.
Over the past 20 years, Rainbow has not rested on its laurels. By steadily develo­ping the product range, the classic scroller has always been optimised and adapted for practical use. Furthermore Rainbow fa­bricates its own line of power supplies for the scrollers.

Rainbow Colour Changers – Reliability, precision and silence

Clever colour positioning
Rainbow Colour Changers offer exact positional directions and soft motor-running thanks to the high resolution positioning system. If several single colour frames are doubled up, Rainbow Colour Changers will move the strings up and down to distribute the heat. Thanks to intelligent sensors, the Rainbows don´t even need an initial run when powered up – they scroll directly to the desired position. Up to 33 single colours are possible with Rainbow Colour Changers.

Ease of use
Control by single or multichannel DMX is possible: Channels for colours, fan and motor speed are individually addressable. The integrated LED display allows comfortable and easy operation.

Robust and functional construction
The housing is of black powder-coated, solid aluminum with a folding front for optimal access to the ribbon and the scroller.

Accessories welcome
Rainbow Colour Changers offers a range of accessories like snoots and barn doors on the front to meet specification. In cooperation with Major, a flexible in-house colour string and cable service is provided to cope with your requests immediately.

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