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Distribution of Major and Rainbow Colour Changers

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Major belongs to the Lightpower group of companies. Lightpower is an internationally renowned distributor for professional stage lighting and show technology equipment. The company offers a unique product synergy together with a comprehensive package of services – in the theatre and television sectors as well as for live stage and all other areas of entertainment.

All Major products like luminaires, power distributions, cables and connectors, lighting controls and dimmers, rigging and safety ropes as well as colours and effects are built in Germany and have earned themselves a great reputation for being used on multiple international projects over the years. Major products are high quality and have been adapted following direct communication with our customers to fulfil their needs. Major products solve problems and are made for daily use, offering an optimised price-to-performance ratio.

Major guarantees

... the use of first class professional com­ponents which are purchased according to very strict quality standards. All compo­nents are rigorously tested, together with the finished product. The assembly is com­pleted by specialists. Additionally Major is always striving to develop new products to make daily work even more comfortable, and listening closely to the market in order to be the first to react to professional re­quests.

Major – Bespoke solutions Made in Germany

Comprehensive product line
Major offers modified luminaires, rigging and safety ropes, power distributions, cables and connectors, colours and effects as well as dimmers – all adapted according to the needs of the market.

Flexibilty for your needs
If there is a need for a custom-made solution, Major is the one to talk to. Major is specialised on building products tailored to the needs of the customer with high flexibility. Therefore products like power distributions can be manufactured according to any specification.

Made for daily use
Regardless of whether the products are manufactured by a specialist company or in Major’s own master workshop, Major products solve problems and are made for daily use. Major guarantees the use of first class professional components which are purchased to very strict quality standards, and all elements of the production process are rigorously tested, as well as the finished products themselves.

Team of specialists
The assembly of Major products is completed by specialists in their fields, and Major is continually striving to develop new products that will make day-to-day work even more comfortable.

Unique string service
Major offers a comprehensive range of own-produced colour strings. A team of specialists with many years’ experience devotes itself exclusively to tailoring these colour-strings. In addition to the standard strings, bespoke services are offered to meet specific customer requests. Customer choice is the main objective – whether for standard length strings or a mixture of equipment or varied numbers of colours, all wishes are met quickly and flexibly with the best possible quality finishes.

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