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Distribution of Major and Rainbow Colour Changers

PLP International
Company Building in Paderborn

About us

Premier Lighting Products International GmbH (PLP International) is the worldwide distributor for the renowned brands Rainbow Colour Changers and Major – a synergetic combination of both traditional and classic products especially for the theatre, TV and musical markets.

With these brands, PLP International offers a professional product range including well known profile spots, colour scrollers, power distribution systems, cables and connectors. Also individual “Made in Germany” solutions are available to international clients through the Major master craftsmen‘s workshop. The company also ensures the worldwide availability and support of these products via a vast international distributor network.

With a team of experienced engineers, technicians, salesmen and marketing professionals, PLP International has the perfect sales and support background. This includes comprehensive servicing for all the offered brands as well as product training, distribution and marketing support.

PLP International belongs to the Lightpower group of companies. The whole group has 100 employees. PLP International‘s headquarters is in Paderborn, Germany with offices in London, Los Angeles, New York, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Singapore and Helsinki.