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Distribution of Major and Rainbow Colour Changers

PLP International

Benefit from our experience

With the two brands, Rainbow Colour Changers and Major, PLP International is representing traditional products in an industry that is driven by the latest technology and innovation. Together with these European manufacturers our product management continuously analyses all these developments and seriously checks the trends. However, very often in the theatre, TV and musicals markets it is the ‘classic’ product that makes the difference. Products that were developed and refined over decades, products that absolutely fascinate lighting designers and,

in the end, audiences around the globe. Products that especially today are so popular because they are convincing with their projection quality, light output, homogeneity, precision, silence, flexibility and proven reliability.
PLP International understands the synergy between these three distinctive brands and provides a strong umbrella in adding all its experience, support and sales excellence. This ensures future availability, continuous developments and strong support for your beloved tools.

Advice and planning support

  • An experienced team of sales specialist to assist your product choice
  • Product demonstrations for you to meet your specifications
  • Direct and fast communication
  • Assistance throughout your whole project phase

Training and product demonstration

  • Product training for all product lines
  • The first-hand knowledge of proven experts
  • Close contact with the trainers

Maintenance and repair

  • Fast and flexible maintenance and repair of your products
  • Master craftsman shop with specialised technicians
  • Provision of spare parts

Bespoke and custom-made solutions

  • Product solutions where no appropriate off-the-shelf products are available
  • High degree of user friendliness
  • Optimised price-to-performance ratio
  • First class professional components purchased according to very strict quality standards